Nova Rockafeller Net Worth (Updated 2024)

What is Nova Rockafeller’s Net Worth?

Nova Rockafeller, a Canadian social media personality and musician, has a net worth of $3 million. She gained recognition for her album “Insufficient Funds.” Born Nova Leigh Paholek in July 1988 in Edmonton, Canada, she released her self-produced album in 2011. Nova later formed the duo GFBF with Tom MacDonald in 2017. Raised in Jamaica, she appeared on an episode of the TV series “The Grindhouse Radio” in 2016 and contributed to the soundtrack of the movie “The DUFF” in 2015.

Additionally, she directed, edited, and served as the cinematographer for the 2020 video short “Tom MacDonald: Coronavirus.”

Here’s the breakdown of her net worth:


Nova Rockafeller

Net Worth:

$3 Million

Date of Birth:

22 July 1988


$400 Thousand Per Year

Source of Wealth:

Rapper, singer, songwriter, music video director

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Nova Rockafeller Net Worth

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Early Life

Nova Rockafeller was born in Edmonton but spent her formative years in Jamaica, where her family operated a water sports business. From ages 9 to 14, she called Jamaica home before briefly residing in Toronto and New York City. During her teenage years, Nova faced challenges, leading her to drop out of high school. She turned to rap as an outlet, influenced by online battle rap forums she discovered through her then-boyfriend. This period saw her navigating between staying at the Edmonton Youth Emergency Shelter and living in various group homes.


Nova Rockafeller’s immersion in music began early, influenced by her father and brother’s involvement in the Edmonton music scene, which included owning a home studio. At just 15 years old, while living in a group home, she started rapping. Her stage name, ‘Nova Rockafeller’, emerged during a party among fellow rappers who felt she needed a fresh identity.

In 2011, she released her debut album, “Insufficient Funds,” offering a snapshot of six months of her life. Her song “call me (BAT MAN) 347-574-7192” gained traction when it was featured on the front page of The Pirate Bay during its stint as ‘The Promo Bay,’ available for free download.

Her talent caught the attention of Mercury Records, leading her to relocate to New York and sign with them. The label later morphed into Island Records, then Def Jam. However, her journey with Def Jam abruptly ended when they dropped her without notice, leaving her in a precarious situation where she learned of her dismissal from her landlord. Before this, she had been working on an album titled “Accidentally Gangster,” which was shelved.

In 2015, her single “Made in Gold” started to gain traction, reaching the Top 20 on Sirius Top Hits. The track was featured in the teen comedy “The Duff.” Her music found its way into various mainstream platforms, including TV shows like Siesta Keys, Dancing with the Stars, and Bad Girls Club. That same year, she toured with Set it Off and All Time Low, performing at major events like SXSW, Riot Fest, and the Gathering of the Juggalos, cementing her association with the Insane Clown Posse and the Juggalo movement.

In 2021, Rockafeller returned with “Hey You,” her first solo single in over two years, as a teaser for her upcoming album “Scared of Heights.” The accompanying video quickly garnered over 250 thousand views within a day.

Side Projects

In 2012, Rockafeller diversified her ventures by launching her jewelry line, ‘Toys on Chains.’

Personal Life


In 2017, Nova Rockafeller entered a relationship with Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald. Together, they formed the band GFBF and collaborated on music. When MacDonald gained fame with his song “Dear Rappers,” Rockafeller dedicated herself to supporting him wholeheartedly. She took on roles such as shooting and directing his music videos, managing his website, contributing to his albums, and guiding him through the music industry, drawing from her own experiences.


Rockafeller’s musical influences span a diverse range, including Good Charlotte, Blink-182, Fugees, A Tribe Called Quest, Damian Marley, Weezer, Busta Rhymes, Outkast, Bright Eyes, Nirvana, Die Antwoord, and Meg Myers.

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