About Us

Titans Net Worth is a company committed to accurately estimating celebrities’ net worth. When you search on Google, you might come across inconsistent information about a celebrity’s net worth, leaving you feeling confused. Who can you really trust?

We get that confusion, which is why we’re on a mission to gather every possible data point from the internet, inside sources, and industry information. Our goal is to provide you with the most reliable figure possible.

How We Make an Estimation of a Celebrity’s Net Worth?

We use a proprietary net worth calculator to determine the net worth of a celebrity. Essentially, we consider known salaries, real estate holdings, divorce records, royalties, lawsuits, and endorsements. We do not factor in taxes, manager’s fees, agent fees, or lifestyle expenses, as we are solely focused on the money they have earned. You can learn more here.

How Often Do We Update the Net Worth Data?

We recognize that celebrities’ net worth fluctuates over time. We closely monitor news related to celebrities, especially if it has a significant impact on their net worth. To stay updated on celebrities’ net worth, subscribe to our newsletter.

Meet the Team

Ashley Roberts (Founder and Chief Editor)

Ashley Roberts is the founder of Titans Net Worth. She founded this company because she likes to know how much celebrities are actually making. She is always curious why these people can make much more money than the ordinary person. She wants to provide insights into the wealth of celebrities, which is generally not public information. With a Bachelor’s degree in finance, she is skilled at financial analysis and understands numbers related to wealth. Most of the articles on this site are edited by herself before publishing.

Joshua Griffin (Editor)

Joshua Griffin is a freelance writer. His main interests are movies, music, and books, so he knows a lot about the entertainment world. Joshua Griffin also has an accounting background, making him very skilled at calculating the assets and liabilities of individuals. He is responsible for ensuring our calculations are correct and make sense.

Emily Lawson (Editor)

Emily Lawson is a writer covering business, entertainment, philanthropy, and pop culture. You can find her other work in large publications like Forbes, Parade, Marca, etc. She writes extensively every day, assisting us in drafting most of the news articles about celebrities’ net worth. Since she reads a lot of entertainment news, she helps us monitor news reporting celebrities’ wealth, including their investments, contract deals, endorsement deals, etc.

Do you have a tip to help us make a more accurate estimation?

If you work in the same industry as a celebrity or have had an encounter with them, you might know some undisclosed details about their wealth. We welcome you to share this information with us so that we can improve our estimation. Simply fill out the form to share the tip with us.